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I wrote a short review of Susan Finlay’s Objektophila for the TLS.

A conversation with Kate Zambreno for BOMB’s Room with a View series.

A conversation with Naomi Skwarna is up at Hazlitt.

Indelicacy Briefly Noted in the New Yorker.

My contribution to This Long Century.

Indelicacy is a Staff Pick at the Paris Review.

Indelicacy is a NYT Editors’ Choice for the week of February 20th.

For Electric Literature, I wrote about eight female mystics in literature.

I wrote about Jean Genet’s The Maids for The Paris Review Daily.

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Elisabeth Egan talked about Indelicacy on the NYT Book Review Podcast.

Indelicacy was featured at the New York Times as the first pick for a new book club, Group Text! An excerpt from the novel also appeared there.

For The Week, I recommended six books that engage with other art forms.

For the Believer Logger‘s new Pattern & Forecast series, I wrote about the weather.

A collaboration with artist Alex Branch, at 7×7.

I talked to Sofia Samatar about her new book Monster Portraits at Lit Hub.

I interviewed Patty Cottrell for BOMB.

Seven women artists were paired with my short story “Queen” in this book put out by Silent Face Projects.

A conversation/roundtable on the work of Bhanu Kapil at the Believer Logger.

Richard Chiem reads “I Will Force This” over at Real Pants.

My Research Notes at Necessary Fiction.

A video reading of Jackson Mac Low’s “Forties 133.

Gregory Howard on “narrative, obsession, collections, the act of collecting, fairy tales, the uncanny, Henry Wellcome, and the work of Dennis Cooper, Amina Cain, Bruno Schulz, Georges Perec and others”: The Object is Always Magic: Narrative as Collection.