Amina Memory Cain

I wrote a short piece on two films for the film series The Machine That Kills Bad People at the ICA. 

Sophie Mackintosh recommended A Horse at Night as a summer read at The Guardian

I’ll be in conversation with Amy Key at Daunt Books Marylebone in London on August 24th.

I’ll be doing two events at the Edinburgh Book Festival (August 22nd & 23rd).

I wrote a short piece for the Fantasy Home series at the Financial Times.

Kiran Dass reviewed A Horse at Night on Nine to Noon at Radio New Zealand.

The fall Dorothy launch with City Lights is on YouTube.

I wrote about the Rossettis and their circle for Tate Etc.

“The Best Books to Give as Gifts” at Esquire (A Horse at Night picked by Liska Jacobs).

Hanorah included A Horse at Night as a “Best of the Year 2022” for Librarie Drawn & Quarterly.

A Horse at Night is included in The White Review’s Books of the Year, noted by Sofia Samatar and Rebecca Tamás.

Indelicacy was featured on BBC Radio 4’s A Good Read

Sinéad Gleeson included A Horse at Night as one of her favorite books of the year at the Irish Times.

A Horse at Night was selected by largehearted boy as a favorite book of nonfiction for 2022.

Roger Robinson & Marina Benjamin selected A Horse at Night as one of their favorite books of the year for the New Statesman.

11 of the Best New Books to Read this November at The Face.

My playlist for A Horse at Night at largehearted boy.

Indelicacy was included (by Rebecca May Johnson) in What We’re Reading in October at The Guardian.

I was in conversation with Mina Kim on KQED Forum about ambivalence around motherhood.

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